CRN Test Center Analysis -- The BayStack 660 Serves Up Wireless Freedom
Computer Reseller News, September 07, 1998
New York -- With many emerging markets going completely cellular to deploy telecommunications networks, it is clear that wireless access means freedom. Bay Networks Inc. delivers its take on cordless freedom for office workers with its wireless LAN.

Java Takes Evolutionary Steps -- Sneak Preview: Preliminary Look At Future Programming Game Plan
Computer Reseller News, May 18, 1998
Los Angeles -- The release of Microsoft Corp.'s Visual J++ 6.0 (VJ 6.0) is more than a beta release of another Java development environment. Rather, it is a preview of the software giant's game plan for developing, managing and deploying Java.

JAVA Takes Further Evolutionary Steps -- Microsoft Releases Next Beta Of Visual J++
Computer Reseller News, May 18, 1998
Los Angeles -- Advancing its vision of Java, Microsoft Corp. recently released a beta of its Visual J++ 6.0 and gave developers an inkling of how the software giant will follow up its flavor of Java.

Win 98 Perks For The Enterprise
Computer Reseller News, May 18, 1998
New York -- One feature Microsoft Corp. is touting in Windows 98-the ability to automatically update system components via the Internet-could concern resellers seeking to control untested changes to corporate users' operating systems.

Denial-Of-Service Attacks Bring Down Even The Most Secure Systems; Resellers Must Be Vigilant
Computer Reseller News, April 27, 1998
In evaluating the firewalls, the CRN Test Center used multiple levels of testing to identify vulnerabilities in the network architecture or configuration of the operating system and firewall.

FireWall Round-Up 1998
Computer Reseller News, April 27, 1998
New York- Firewall deployment is like heart surgery:  Both are considered somewhat routine these days, yet everyone wants a specialist no matter how simple the procedure. 

Win 98 Offers VARs New Customization
Computer Reseller News, April 20, 1998
Redmond, Wash. -- If Bill Gates and Microsoft Corp. support their pledge of "Windows everywhere," then resellers need to perk up to the upcoming release of Windows 98, which will dramatically change an interface millions have embraced.

Mall shopping comes home via Web -- ISPs, Internet resellers are front line in developing, deploying virtual storefronts
Computer Reseller News, March 02, 1998
When Egghead Inc. announced in February that it would close all its retail stores and become a Web-only storefront, it was a sure sign of the times. Though many companies have sprouted from the electrified soil of the

MSN lacks company logo -- Microsoft Network, Windows NT Remain Incompatible
Computer Reseller News, January 12, 1998
The Microsoft Network has a little-known hitch: It cannot run on Windows NT, the CRN Test Center has found.

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A CRN Test Center Close-Up -- Is Windows Shattered?
Computer Reseller News, December 22, 1997
A CRN Test Center analysis concludes Microsoft's position is pure politics. The fact is, Internet Explorer can be disabled by removing one .exe file and one desktop shortcut. But the preliminary order, issued on Dec. 11 by the U.S. District Court in Washington, wants IE removed, not disabled.

Removing Browser From Windows 95 Is Easier Done Than Said
Computer Reseller News On-Line, December 18, 1997
Microsoft, apparently on a mission to make Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's order separating Internet Explorer from Windows 95 look foolish, wants OEM licensees to obey the order and delete 228 files, rendering not only IE, but also Win 95, inoperable.