Eric Elgar

Eric was born into the computer industry; in the early 70's when Eric was 14 years old, he work at a time-sharing service bureau as part of the operations staff supporting IBM mainframes.  By the time he was in college, Eric had developed and deployed vertical applications that ran on mini-computers.

While attending New York University, Eric worked for the University's Academic Computing Staff where he responsibilities included assisting students in debugging their code, teaching assistant and participating in government research projects.  Eric received a bachelor of science degree in information systems and market research from New York University's Stern School of Business in 1982.

Upon graduating in 1982, Eric worked for one of IBM's largest branch offices as a systems engineer. He was promoted to marketing representative in his first year and made IBM's 100% Club (for attaining quota) in less than six months.  IBM's introduction of the personal computer had a profound effect on Eric.  He promptly resigned from IBM to become a founding partner in a new type of business called value-added reseller.

In 1984 became a founding partner in MicroClear, a new type of business called computer reseller.  MicroClear was one of the forerunners in distributed LAN-based applications and PC integration.  After seven successful in business, the company closed following the death of the senior partner.

After MicroClear, Eric worked for various resellers in sales and marketing capacity.  Eric always brought innovation to the resellers he worked for, be it selling collapse backbones in the late eighties or Internet services in the early nineties.  These innovations got the interest of Fortune 500 companies and ongoing consulting contracts were established.

In 1996, Eric joined Computer Reseller News (CRN) as a senior technical editor at the publication's product-testing laboratory.  His reviews focused-on Internet, intranet and extranet applications as well as security, operating systems, messaging and collaboration.  Eric's groundbreaking "Removing Browser From Windows 95 Is Easier Done Than Said" front page story was used as Exhibit 1 in the Department Of Justice (DOJ) case against Microsoft.

Eric was made the Director of the CRN Test Center in 1998 where his responsibilities include expanding the publication's product reviews coverage, overseeing the operations of the state-of-the-art laboratory and directing the Test Center's editorial content.  Eric was responsible for show events the Test Center participated in, such as the CRN Comdex Test Center, a popular forum that performs live testing of new products at spring and fall Comdex where Eric also served as emcee.  

In 1999, Eric was promote to Group Managing Director of Online Technology where he oversees development, support and operations for CMP Media, Inc.'s premier Channel Group web sites and collaborates with marketing, sales and outside vendors to create new revenues streams and strategic web-partnerships.  The Channel Group web sites cater to technology resellers, integrators, ISPs, ASPs and consultants and include ChannelWeb, Computer Reseller News and VAR Business.  Eric fostered community by enabling greater subscriber impact and interaction on all editorial content via dialog tools, such as "QuickPolls" and "TalkBack".

Eric was part of CMP Media Speakers Bureau and has been a spokesperson for the publication at numerous industry events.  He has also spoken at Jupiter Conferences, National Public Radio and PSEUDO Online Internet Radio.  Eric has lectured on Internet security for the Center for Technology in Government and was the Emcee for the Technology Education Network's pay-per-view Internet shows.

In the fall of 2000 Eric co-founded Digital Online Network, Inc., a Long Island-based connectivity, co-location and Internet technology company with offices at the Empire State Building in New York City.  One of Digital's most promising technologies is Desktop News, a non-browser based news ticker that is low-memory and low-bandwidth and doesn't take up one desktop like many other rude applications.  Desktop News provides one-click surfing that is free and easy and customizable to one's needs.

In addition to his personal Web site, Eric.Com, Eric has deployed award-winning sites that include:

  • BodyBuildingDiscount.Com - a B2C site for Nutritional Supplements

  • Art4Love.Com - a site dedicated to to bridge the gap between artist and art lover

  • DoctorLine.Com - a medical directory and listing service for doctors and health organizations

  • EcoMall.Com - one of the Internet's first commercial Ecology sites

  • Feminist.Com - a site dedicated enhancing women networking on the Net

Eric's consulting engagements range from writing high-level support documentation on  complex global networks for Fortune 100 companies and developing business plans for Internet startups, to deploying web sites for medium-sized businesses and advising Internet agencies on technology direction. 

Eric lives on Long Island, New York, in the town of East Northport with his wife, Susan, and three sons Dylan, Ryan and Tyler (two are twins, and they all have different birth dates).  Although most of his adult life has been spent watching the phosphorus screen, he does enjoy swimming, camping, skiing, diving, films, working on the house, music and eating.  But most all, Eric enjoys hanging out with his boys Dylan, Ryan and Tyler.