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"Like dust in the wind.. These are the days of our lives"

Waynes World -

Like many of the individuals that were at the peak of the internet wave, I had the opportunity to pick any domain name. As you already know I chose my own name. The result has been amusing. "Erics" from around the world have sent me e-mail. Some complain that the site is not updated often enough, others are annoyed because I own this domain and they do not. But most are just happy to find a website dedicated to their namesake. Needless to say, the latter bunch make up my most enjoyable e-mail. I look forward to hearing from more "Erics" at (e2@eric.com).

Eric, a 2-syllable boy's name of Germanic/Norse origin, means: Ever-kingly; powerful ruler. Eric's ethnic backgrounds include * English/Welsh . Entertainers with this name include * Eric Metcalf (Sports) * Eric Clapton (Musicians) . Eric is the 27th most popular boy's name. And 69% of people with this name spell it "Eric". It has religious backgrounds in * Saints . --Parent Soup

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